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Asutype is the most powerful word and text expander software currently available for Windows that works at the operating system-level, instantly expanding short abbreviations into a much longer text to give you efficient and mistake-free typing everywhere, all the time.

Designed with an "Every Keystroke Counts™" philosophy, Asutype is fast and smart. It can learn and adapt itself to your keyboard habits and becomes smarter with use.

Trusted and used by hundreds of professional transcriptionists, Asutype is an ideal tool to increase the speed and accuracy of your typing.

The most powerful word and text expander software for Windows

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Automatic word and phrase expansion

Asutype does automatic word and phrase expansion

Asutype lets you insert a commonly used phrase or boilerplate text to an edit box anywhere simply by typing a much shorter associated abbreviation (or text shortcut). For example:

  • Type "tyvm" to expand to "thank you very much" - type 4 keystrokes instead of 19 keystrokes, save 79%!
  • Type "utcc" to get "under the current circumstances" - type 4 keystrokes instead of 31, save 87%!

Asutype comes with hundreds of most commonly used phrases already shortened, and you can add unlimited new phrases of your own!

No shortcut memorizing needed

No shortcut memorizing needed in using Asutype

Thanks for Asutype's on-the-fly shortcut creation feature, you don't need to memorize any shortcuts. Follow a consistent rule of your choosing (i.e. initialism, or abcz) and type by instinct. If your shortcut is defined, Asutype will expand it instantly. If it is not yet defined, Asutype will allow you to add its content on the fly quickly and easily.

Repetitive typing elimination

Not only expanding words and phrases, Asutype also lets you create a text shortcut for any whole documents that you may type repeatedly, such as the answer for a frequently asked question. You can insert the whole document simply by typing the assigned shortcut. Asutype totally eliminates the need to type the same text over and over again.

Automatic typing error correction

Asutype fixes typing errors on the fly

Asutype checks and corrects all kinds of typing errors on the fly. It automatically capitalizes sentences, fixes Capslock key errors, corrects commonly made mistakes automatically and suggests corrections for unknown mistakes. Spelling and typing mistakes are no longer slipped into your document unnoticed.

Document standardization

Asutype lets you create a form template and automatically fills in its content at run time, thanks to its advanced macro capability.

Questionnaire and survey made easy

Asutype's adaptive expansion content allows dynamic text expansion

Asutype lets you create a questionnaire template and assign it to a shortcut. At run-time, when you need to complete the questionnaire, just type in the shortcut and Asutype will guide you through to finish the questionnaire by focusing on one question at a time. Thanks to its advanced macro capability with checkboxes, multiple choice selection and conditional logic, Asutype can handle all kind of questionnaire ranging from a simple to very sophisticated.

Everyday task automation

Asutype automates repetitive computer tasks

Asutype's macro system provides commands that let you have total control over your computer: you can activate other windows, launch applications, handle date/time, control your keyboard and mouse, manipulate the clipboard, calculate mathematical equations, and respond to conditional logic. With these commands, you can build a powerful and flexible script to automate your everyday computer tasks with ease.

Full operating system integration. Works everywhere you type

Asutype runs at the operating system level, so it works everywhere: online and off-line. Besides working with your browsers, text editors, e-mail applications, messaging and chatting software, it also works in non-conventional places such as in dialog boxes or console windows.

They Use Asutype

Asutype is used in all US Army Medicine facilities
Asutype is used in all US Navy Medicine facilities
Asutype is used in several US Air Force Medical Service facilities

Asutype is in used throughout the entire US Army Medicine, US Navy Medicine and several US Air Force Medical Service facilities including hospitals, dental clinics and ambulatory care clinics.

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Asutype is very powerful yet compact and easy-to-use. It was developed with you in mind: every aspect - installation, configuration, and use - was created to be as simple and easy as possible. It requires no prerequisite skill, comes with preset settings and supports automatic spell check and speed typing modes, so you can get it up and running in no time.

Whether you are a hunt-and-peck typist or a touch-typing power user, Asutype will minimize your mistakes, speed up your typing, save you effort and make more efficient use of your time. It's a great spell check and speed typing software to have. You'll be happy - we guarantee it!

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