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Asutype 5.1 Beta is out now.

If you're a registered customer and comfortable using beta software, you are welcome to give it a test. Please enter your name and Order ID or the very e-mail address that you used to purchased the software into the appropriate boxes below and click "Submit" button. We'll send you an e-mail shortly with a download link that you'll use to download the beta version of Asutype 5.1.

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What's New in Version 5.1

Build-140429-1752 - April 29, 2014

  • Fixed the UNLOAD hot code problem
    The UNLOAD hot code now can unload a file correctly.
  • Fixed the occasional slowness in the NOTE hot code
    The NOTE hot code now does not slow your typing down occasionally.
  • Fixed the mix-cased misidentification
    Asutype now identifies cases such as inX, myXY as mix-cased correctly.
  • Fixed the bug with importing text lines having a trailing space
    Asutype now does not remove the trailing space when importing text lines.
  • Fixed the bug with manual check
    Manual check now also ignores words that have been signaled to be ignored (by pressing the Escape key before).
  • Direct configuration button Added the configuration button in the main window
    To go directly to the Options box easier and faster.
  • Shortened names in the task column
    To make the main window less crowded.
  • Added the "Enable/Disable" menu item into the menu of the Support button
    To help toggling the software easier when the main window is open.
  • Added an option to hide the main window at startup
    The HideAtStartup setting option is now can be used to hide the main window at startup, regardless whether or not the main window was left open when you exited the software the last time.
  • Added an option to not append the trailing trigger for certain shortcuts
    The NoTrailingTriggerForHERE setting option now can be used to ignore the trailing trigger when expanding shortcuts with HERE hot code.
  • Self spell check Added the spell check inside the Shortcut editor
    Shortcut editor now can check spelling and correct mistakes automatically like everywhere else.
  • Added some in-word exception characters
    Asutype now support quote as default in-word exception character. You can also add your own.
  • Added the GOTO hot code
    To help in making questionnaire feel more natural.
  • Added the REPEAT hot code
    To help handling loops in the macros.
  • Added several list handling hot codes
    Asutype macros now can create a list of items and loop through them.
  • Added several text handling hot codes
    Asutype macros now can pick out a piece of text from a larger text, strip all trailing characters and modify it much easily.
  • Added a message note into the PAUSE hot code
    PAUSE hot code now can have a brief message above the "Resume" and "Stop" buttons.
  • Added a hot key for resuming the PAUSE hot code
    To help with pausing shortcuts containing mouse movements and mouse actions.
  • Added the ability to apply delay after execution of certain hot codes
    To help reduce the need of writing code all the time.
  • Added a Tabclick panel
    To help with filling form faster. Click here to learn more about this exciting new feature. Tabclick along with a form to fill

This upgrade also includes other minor fixes and improvements.

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