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Q. How do I fill the same form with different answers?
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Using Asutype's hot codes, especially the <ASK>, <CHOOSE>, <XCHOOSE>, <LET> and <IF> codes, you can build a macro with a set of template answers for a predefined form. At run-time, when you need to fill the form, just run the shortcut and the macro can help you fill in the form quickly and easily.

Since all the pop-ups for <ASK>, <CHOOSE> and <XCHOOSE> codes are specifically designed to have the same size and to be put at a fixed position (often at the center of the form), they help you to focus on a single question on the form at a time. Answers that you have through these fixed pop-ups will be put to the correct location in the final form, thus making the form filling task easy and fast.

For more information on how to define your text shortcut, see the Shortcut Editor topic. For details on each hot code and its syntax, see Hot Codes topic.

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