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Correct errors automatically, type shorthand, type faster and automate everyday tasks

Automate everyday computer tasks

Besides expanding text abbreviations to a longer text passage to make your typing faster, Asutype's text shortcut system can be used as an automation tool. That's because it comes with a powerful macro system that allows you to have total control of your computer and can do many amazing automation tasks. Among other things, you can:

  • Send keystrokes, mouse clicks and mouse drags to other windows.
  • Insert any past, current or future date and time of any format into your documents.
  • Copy the current selection to the clipboard, or to a file, or a clipboard slot in Asutype's multi-clipboard system.
  • Paste text from the clipboard, or from a file, or from a clipboard slot in Asutype's multi-clipboard system.
  • Include other hot codes to create a chain of actions.
  • Print the current document or any document, do a document search in the file system or edit any document.
  • Run any application.
  • Activate any window.
  • Ask for an editable text at run-time.
  • Show multiple choices or selective options to pick at run-time.
  • Control the editing caret.
  • Handle variables and other advanced programmable entities.
  • Do mathematical calculation of any math expressions.
  • Run different branch of hot codes based on the logical condition at run-time.
  • Modify its own running environment conditionally.

You can view Asutype's macro commands as Lego blocks that you can use to assemble many different shortcuts that handle your everyday repetitive tasks automatically and efficiently. If you are not yet familiar with automation and macro systems, you can start with simple commands and gradually employ more sophisticated ones as you get used to it.

The bottom line is Asutype's macro system allows you to automate away many of your repetitive everyday computer tasks, so you can get things done more quickly, thus creating more time to do other important or fun things.

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