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Asutype is used in all US Army Medicine facilities

Asutype is used in all US Navy Medicine facilities

Asutype is used in several US Air Force Medical Service facilities

Asutype is in used throughout the entire US Army Medicine, US Navy Medicine and several US Air Force Medical Service facilities including hospitals, dental clinics and ambulatory care clinics.

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Testimonials and Reviews

"Anyone burdened with English as a native language (or as a second or third language, come to think of it) will find it useful. The writing utility that I get the most mileage from is Fanix Software's Asutype. Asutype's features give me an edge in nearly everything I do on a computer...

And now version 5.0 has a slicker, smarter, and easier-to-use interface, as well as more powerful text shortcuts. Asutype has been on my PC since 2000 -- and for me it's a must-have tool."

--Steve Bass
Contributing Editor, PC World

"I could not possibly say enough about Asutype. It combines what used to take three or more programs' functions [keyboard macros, dictionaries, and spellcheck] into one, sleek, responsive program. I've used Asutype under both 32 and 64-bit environments, and have had no issues that would make me change my mind about the value of Asutype.

It is second only to my firewall/anti-virus on the install list when I am setting up my system.

Additionally, in the years I have been using Asutype, I have found the support from the Asutype team to be alert, speedy, thorough, and effective. A hard combination to find in today's software world, let alone attempt to compete against!

--Charles W Billow
Componentics, San Diego

"I have used Asutype for years as a translator and it has saved me from all types of grief (misspellings, etc.), especially as my typing - while fast - can really be sloppy. Over the years I have amassed literally hundreds of shortcuts, and I'd be lost without them. All in the all, I find Asutype the most essential of all of my many programs.

And I meant every single word of it!"

--Dr. Shmuel Himelstein
Jerusalem, Israel

"Of all the handy software additions on each of my computers, Asutype has to be the one absolutely ESSENTIAL assistant I can't live without. Honestly. It's the only one out there that does exactly what I want. And I reckon I must be one of the oldest users of it too (in terms of years I mean!) so it has stood the test of time. Congratulations for such a superb product."

--Jenny Setchell
Christchurch, New Zealand

"I've been using Asutype since 2008 and I just can't imagine how I would survive without it as it saves so much time plus I had to have two hand surgeries for carpal tunnel syndrome from when I did medical transcription, and the huge amount of keystrokes Asutype saves me is absolutely phenomenal."

--Corinne Larimore
Miles City, US

"I have used Asutype since version 2 and have found it an invaluable tool. I have to prepare a lot of documents and emails every day for which the boilerplating (shortcut) feature and the spell-checking have become invaluable."

--Steve Lee
SWREG Founder

"We needed a simple solution that was easy to use and easy to train. Asutype delivers that, and more."

--Michael Brouillard
Clinical Systems Trainer, US Army

"What makes Asutype unique is that it monitors keystrokes in ALL of the software programs you use, and it is highly customizable. You can add words you commonly misspell, along with their correct versions, to the program's auto correction dictionary... Asutype's intelligent design also makes it easy to add exceptions to the program's AutoCorrect word list, so it will ignore words that you do not want it to correct. In short, you can optimize Asutype to the way you work so that you can be more productive, whether you're typing reports, e-mails or newsgroup messages. Plus, it can save you embarrassment by correcting common spelling mistakes as you type."

--Jordan Ayan's
Executive Technology Briefing

"I'm surprised by how much of my typing is now done outside of traditional e-mail or business software (like Microsoft Word). Instead, my typing is done in web-based applications like my blog, Facebook, or Twitter. That's where a program like Asutype really shines.

I have been using this very effective spell-checking and text expansion program for several years now. It works so well that I forget it's there, even though it automatically fixes most of my typing errors and makes it easy for me to enter repetitive phrases or pieces of information. The bottom-line is that it helps me type more accurately and much faster.

--Howard Getson

"Spell checkers are free, except Asutype... Why pay, you might well ask, for something you get with any word processor? The answer is it spell-checks as you type. So, for instance, if you are writing along and misspelling 'configuration,' this small utility program corrects the spelling before you finish typing. While I don't have a problem catching misspellings in this column or longer pieces, I make lots of spelling errors answering e-mails and other quick notes. Asuype is a useful little program for Windows..."

--Bob Schwabach

Asutype in the book PC Annoyances by Steve Bass

"Word's spellcheck does a good job, but I found something I like much better: Fanix Software's Asutype...

Asutype is so smart that it can track not only common mistakes - spelling "receive" as "recieve," say - but also misspellings that beyond believe. An example? Thanks to Asutype, you can forget about being embarrassed by typing "imbearissed," "embraissed," "emgarrassek," or any of the other variations Asutype corrected for me."

--From the book "PC Annoyances"
by PCWorld tech columnist Steve Bass

"Dr. File Finder's Pick

Asutype, by Fanix Software, is an interesting program that will make everything you type better. It works all the time no matter what program you're using. It learns the mistakes you make most, and adapts. It will correct many mistakes automatically. And with others, it will make a sound and underline the error in red. You can insert pieces of text with shortcuts, add to the dictionary, add little phrases peculiar to yourself, and more! So, if you're like many people and have trouble with spelling, this is a program you want to have! It may well be a program you need to have. Get rid of the errors in everything you write and give this program a good, long look! You're going to like it!"

--Michael E. Callahan
aka Dr. File Finder

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