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Q. How do I make my text shortcut versatile and flexible?


You can embed a hot code or a series of hot codes into your text shortcut to make it versatile and flexible. Your shortcut is flexible because you can use the same shortcut in different situations with expected and consistent results.

To create a text shortcut that can be used in different situations:

  1. Identify which part of the shortcut would stay the same and which pat would change in each situation.
  2. Use a hot code to handle the part that changes.

For example, consider we want to have a text shortcut that can be used to address different people at the opening of a letter. Suppose that we want to write:

Dear Dr. Dolittle,


Dear Mrs. Doubtfire,

The part that changes in the above two openings is Dr. Dolittle and Mrs. Doubtfire. We can replace that part by a hot code <ASK> to allow us a chance to enter each individual name at run-time. Our text shortcut then should be:

Dear <ASK>,

For more information on how to define your text shortcut, see the Shortcut Editor topic. For details on each hot code and its syntax, see Hot Codes topic.

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