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Q. How do I re-use my Trial user list in the Full version without starting all over again?


You only need to open the "user.shortcut" file from the Trial's data folder as:

  1. Right click Asutype's running icon in the system tray (near the clock) and choose the "Main Window" command.
    The main window of Asutype should appear.

    Choose the Main Window command

  2. Click the "Shortcut Editor" item on the left of the Main window to activate the Shortcut Editor screen.
  3. Click the "+" button and choose the "Open an existing shortcut list" command from the popup menu.
    The normal Windows Open File dialog box should appear.

    Click to open a file

  4. Click the "Fanix" sub-folder in the current path of the Open File dialog box

    Click the Fanix sub-folder

  5. Double click "Asutype Trial" item in the folder list of the Open File dialog box

    Click the Fanix sub-folder

  6. Select the "user.shortcut" item in the file list and click "Open" to open the file

    Click the Fanix sub-folder

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