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Q. How do I share my dictionary between my PCs?
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It depends on how the PCs are connected.

  • If they all can access a shared location (for example, your PCs are all connected to your home network and can access a shared folder; or your PCs are all connected to your work-place network and can access a network drive), then please:
    1. Create a dictionary in that shared location. For details on how to create a dictionary at a specific location, see "Dictionary Editor".
    2. From each PC, open the file from that shared location.
    Asutype files are shared-ready by default, so it is safe to write to the same file from multiple computers. If you need to synchronize data, right click the File Tabs and choose the "Check for update of file" command from a pop-up menu.

    Check for data update

  • If they cannot access a shared folder (for example, your PC at home and your PC at work, or two PCs at different offices) then you need to bring your data file with you. There are two ways to do that as either:
    • Put Asutype onto an USB and run it from the USB every time you go to a PC. For details on how to run Asutype from an USB, click here.
    • Use Asutype's new function "Pack/Unpack" and transfer data between computers every time you go to a PC. You can put a packed file onto an USB, your Dropbox or any other cloud account. For details on how to use the "Pack/Unpack" feature, click here.

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