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Q. How do I copy and paste multiple items at a time?


Using Asutype's multiple clipboards, you can copy and paste multiple text items between documents at the same time.

Copy a block of text into a particular clipboard

  1. Select the text.
  2. Press <CTRL+[+key> where key can be any key on the main area of your keyboard (i.e. any number, letter, punctuation or function key). For example, to copy text to clipboard A, press <CTRL+[+A>. To copy it to clipboard B, press <CTRL+[+B> and so on.

Paste the content out of a particular clipboard

  1. Place the caret at the position where you want to paste the text.
  2. Press <CTRL+]+key> where key is a placeholder for the clipboard key. For example, to paste text from clipboard A, press <CTRL+]+A>. To paste from clipboard B, press <CTRL+]+B> etc.

See the Clipboard Viewer topic for more details on how to use and search for multiple clipboard items.

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