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Q. I want to create a shortcut for my Facebook login, but don't want to put my password inside a shortcut as anyone can see it. Is there any way to do that safely?


You can put your password in a text file stored securely in your private data folder and use the <INC> hot code to have Asutype call out the file content at run time.

For example, I created two text files under the "My Documents" folder to store my user name and password for my Facebook login:

Login files in a secure folder

Since they are in my private data folder, no one except me can have access to them.

In Asutype's Shortcut Editor, I created a shortcut with the "Hot text" as "fb//" and the "Content" as:

Login shortcut with INC hot code

As illustrated in the screen shot, the shortcut only shows my file names, not my actual login name and password. At runtime, when I type "fb//" to expand the shortcut, Asutype will read my login name from the file "facebook-username.txt" and my password from the file "facebook-password.txt" and put them into the appropriate boxes for me.

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