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Asutype's Configuration File

The configuration file is a simple plain text file, with each setting in a single line, similar like the following example:

; start example
; -------------------
; Following are a few entries of a plain text file
; Each entry in a single line, equal sign separates the setting entry name from its value
; Lines starting with a semicolon are comment lines
; Blank lines and comment lines will be ignored when reading
AppOnOff = EDITABLE, 1
AutoCheckUpdate = EDITABLE, 1
ExpanderGroupFileList = FIXED, .\my-group.shortcut
ExpanderMyFileList = EDITABLE, .\mytext.shortcut|.\user.shortcut|.\Support.shortcut
UseDefaultTriggerChars = EDITABLE, 1
PopupColorTopItem = EDITABLE, A:255, R:232, G:255, B:255
PopupColorBottomItem = EDITABLE, A:255, R:183, G:206, B:134
PopupFont = EDITABLE, Arial,10
; end of file
; end of the example

A setting entry can have one of the following format:

  • <entry-name> = EDITABLE, <setting-value>
  • <entry-name> = FIXED, <setting-value>

The <setting-value> format is dependent on the nature of the <entry-name>:

Nature Format Example
Boolean 0 or 1. 0 means No and 1 means Yes AppOnOff = EDITABLE, 1

means the application is On.
Numeric Any number FormattingDecimalPoint = EDITABLE, 2

means the decimal points of the current formatting is 2.
List of files The files are separated by | ExpanderMyFileList = EDITABLE, .\user.shortcut|.\Support.shortcut

means there are two shortcut files open: user.shortcut and support.shortcut. The files are in the Asutype's data folder.
Color A:<alpha>, R:<red>, G:<green>, B:<blue> PopupColorTopItem = EDITABLE, A:255, R:255, G:0, B:0

means the color for the pop-up's top part is Red.
Hotkey <key-combination>, ON or
<key-combination>, OFF
KeyboardActivateMainWindow = EDITABLE, Shift+Ctrl+A+M,ON

means the keyboard hotkey for activation of the main window is <Ctrl+Shift+A+M>, and the hotkey is active.


Group Configuration and User Configuration
Pro Version Only

Asutype can read its settings from two configuration files:

  1. A group configuration file is a file located at the path referred to in the Windows registry key "ConfigurationFile" under the hive "HKEY_CURRENT_MACHINE\Software\Fanix\Asutype Professional".
  2. A user configuration file is the file "asutype.config" located in the Asutype's data folder.

At startup, it tries to read and combine values from the two files. The final combined <setting-value> for each <setting-entry> is obtained as below:

Group Configuration File User Configuration File Final Combined Value
Not present Not present Default value
Not present Present Value from the user configuration file
Present Not present Value from the group configuration file
Present and marked as EDITABLE Present Value from the user configuration file
Present and marked as FIXED Present or not Value from the group configuration file


For more details about Asutype's setting entries, see the Setting Entries topic.

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