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The <HOTCODE> mark tells Asutype to just ignore white spaces (i.e. space, tabs and line breaks) between hot codes in the enclosed block of text. As the result, you can write each hot code in a separate line or use spaces to separate the hot codes for better readability.

Code Action Example
<HOTCODE>a block of other hot codes</HOTCODE> Ignore all white spaces between other hot codes in the block of other hot codes.


The hot code section below asks you to choose a gender once, and use the result to deduce other related information to use through the rest of the shortcut. Note that putting each hot code is in a separate line makes the whole section easier to read and follow.


<LET: he-or-she = he | she>

<IF:(he-or-she = he)>
   <LET:him-or-her = him>
   <LET:his-or-her = his>

<IF:(he-or-she = she)>
   <LET:him-or-her = her>
   <LET:his-or-her = her>


{He-or-she} said that this book is one of {his-or-her} favorite books.

Without the spaces and line breaks between the hot codes, they will look like this:

<LET: he-or-she = he | she><IF:(he-or-she = he)><LET:him-or-her = him><LET:his-or-her = his></IF><IF:(he-or-she = she)><LET:him-or-her = her><LET:his-or-her = her></IF>{He-or-she} said that this book is one of {his-or-her} favorite books.


  • Always accompany a <HOTCODE> code with a correspondent </HOTCODE>.

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