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Hot Codes for Using External Tools
Pro Version Only

Use these codes to run an external tool that can handle text and other tasks you need beyond Asutype's current capability, if you have such a tool available.

The Execute Hot Code

The <EXECUTE> code launches a program with an optional command line, and has the following syntax:



  • Five parts of the <EXECUTE:> code are separated by the pipe character |
  • verb specifies the action to be performed. It can be:
    • edit -> launches an editor and open the file part for editing. The file part then must be an editable document.
    • explore -> explores the folder specified by the file part.
    • find -> initiates a search starting from the specified directory.
    • open -> open the file. The file can be an executable file, a document file or a folder.
    • print -> print the file.
  • file is the file on which the verb action occurs.
  • parameter is optional and can be the parameters for the verb.
  • folder is optional and can be the working directory for the verb.
  • how-to-show is a numeric value specifying how the new window should look. It can be:
    • 0 -> the window is hidden.
    • 1 -> the window is normal.
    • 3 -> the window is maximized.
    • 6 -> the window is minimized.

The ToFile Hot Code

The <TOFILE> hot code is to output a block of text to a text file and has the following syntax:

<TOFILE:file>block of text</TOFILE>


  • Always accompany a <TOFILE> code with a corresponding </TOFILE>.
  • The block of text can contain anything. Variables are resolved but other hot codes will be ignored.
  • You can use this <TOFILE> hot code to prepare arguments for an external tool, and run the tool using the <EXECUTE> hot code above.

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