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Q. How do I set up common settings between computers?
Pro Version Only


  1. Create a group configuration file in a location that every one can access.
    (You can create a file from scratch using any plain text editor, or simply copy an existing file such as the user configuration file, and delete all entries that you are not interested in).
  2. Set the appropriate access right to the file for each user.
  3. Put the reference to the file in the registry "HKEY_CURRENT_MACHINE\Software\Fanix\Asutype Professional" from each Windows instance that runs Asutype. Set the appropriate access rights to the registry.
  4. Mark each entry in the group configuration file as FIXED, if you don't want each user to overwrite it (thus effectively enforcing certain settings). Otherwise leave it as EDITABLE, so they can overwrite it with their own setting, if they want to.

For more details about Asutype's configuration file, see the Configuration File topic. For Asutype's setting entries, see the Setting Entries topic.

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