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The Running Icon

According to its system-wide nature, most of the time Asutype is only shown as a small icon in your system tray, near the clock. It never gets in your way while you're working.

Asutype's running icon

The Icon Shapes

The running icon may change its shape according to how your typing is currently handled:

Gray icon means Asutype is disabled   This gray icon means Asutype is disabled.

Your typing is ignored without checking. To enable it, right click the icon and choose "Enable" command.
Dark icon means Asutype is working   This dark icon means Asutype is enabled.

Your typing is checked normally.
Yellow icon means Asutype is automatic   This yellow icon means Asutype is in fully automatic mistake correction mode.

If a mistake is detected, Asutype automatically corrects it using its best guess.

The Icon Clicks

  • Left clicking on the icon will activate the left-click commands. The default command is to show the Main window.
  • Right clicking on the icon will show the icon menu (see below).

The Icon Menu

Right-click the running icon will show a pop-up menu containing all Asutype's commands:

Asutype's system tray menu

This menu item serves two purposes: to be a title identifying Asutype's running icon from other icons in the system tray, and to show the Main window.

To toggle Asutype on and off.

  • If Asutype is currently enabled, this command will change it to disabled.
  • If Asutype is currently disabled, this command will change it to enabled.

Note: Asutype only works when it is enabled. The running icon will change its shape accordingly as described in the "Icon Shapes" topic above.

To activate the Options dialog box, where you can view and change the software settings.

Pack Data...
Pro Version Only
To preserve all data and working conditions including your current settings to a packed file, this making it easy to backup or transfer your data.

Unpack Data...
Pro Version Only
To restore the software to the exact working condition at the time the packed file was created.

To activate the Help documentation (this document).

About Asutype...
To display the ubiquitous About dialog box.

Technical Support...
To activate the Technical Support dialog box, from where you can send us e-mail asking for help.

Buy Asutype...
Click this command to go to our online store and buy Asutype if you wish to use it after the free 30-day trial period. You're only a few minutes away from the release version after choosing this command!

Register Asutype...
Click this command to register the software.

To exit the software.

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