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The Options Dialog

The Options dialog box

Use this dialog box to view and change Asutype's settings. The settings are grouped and the group names are listed in left column. Click a group name to view all settings of the group on the right.

Text Shortcuts group
Use the Text Shortcuts options group to control how Asutype expands text shortcuts as you type.

Multiple Clipboards group
Use the Multiple Clipboards options group to control how Asutype uses multiple clipboards to copy and paste multiple pieces of text simultaneously.

Spelling Rules group
Use the Spelling Rules options group to control how Asutype detects spelling mistakes.

Mistake Flagging group
Use the Mistake Flagging options group to control how Asutype signals typing mistakes.

Mistake Corrections group
Use the Mistake Corrections options group to control how Asutype corrects typing mistakes.

Hotkeys group
Use the Hotkeys options group to view and set hot keys for various tasks.

Applications group
Use the Applications options group to control which applications Asutype can work with.

Advanced group
Use the Advanced options group to fine-tune how Asutype works in some special occasions.

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