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Q. How do I spell check as I type?


By default, you don't need to do anything to have your typing spell checked. Just type continuously and if you make a mistake, Asutype will alert you, try to correct it automatically and/or suggest alternative corrections.

What kinds of mistakes does Asutype handle?

  • TWo INitial CApitals (changes the second capital letter to lowercase)
  • The first character of sentences (Capitalizes the first letter of the first word in a sentence)
  • Accidental use of cAPSLOCK key (Reverses the case of the letters that were capitalized incorrectly and then turns off the CAPS LOCK key)
  • Capitalization of certain names (first names, names of days, names of places, organizations etc.)
  • Recognized spelling mistakes (corrects a mistake with its predefined correction)
  • Unrecognized spelling mistakes (either automatically guesses at a fix and changes it or suggest alternative corrections)

How does Asutype detect and correct mistakes?

Asutype uses several spelling dictionaries and correction lists:

  • A spelling dictionary is a file which contains all possible forms of words including their base and inflection forms (e.g. plural or gerund forms) of a particular language. Asutype comes with a built-in spelling dictionary of 100,000 English words, an abbreviation dictionary of 400 abbreviations and a first names dictionary of 1,000 names. You can create new dictionaries of your own as well as add more words to any existing dictionary. There is no limit to how many dictionaries you can use or how many words a dictionary can have. See the Dictionary Editor topic for more details.
  • A correction list is a file which contains special errors along with their corrections. They are special because they are all frequently made mistakes such as "teh" -> "the", "don;t" -> "don't" etc. You know you make those special errors and therefore you can explicitly add them to a correction list to have them automatically corrected. You can create new lists of your own as well as add more corrections to any existing list. There is no limit to how many correction lists you can use or how many entries a list can have. See the Correction Editor topic for more details.

After you're finished typing a word and make a space, or type the <ENTER> key, or type a punctuation mark, Asutype applies the current spelling rules, checks the word against all open spelling dictionaries and correction lists.

  • If the word is not in any spelling dictionaries, it will be considered a mistake.
  • If the mistake is recognized as listed in a correction list, Asutype will correct the mistake with its predefined correction, automatically and silently.
  • If the mistake is unrecognized, Asutype will beep to alert you to the mistake, log the mistake out to a file to let you review it later, and either:
    • Guess at a fix and make the change automatically,
    • Or, show you some options and have you choose one,
    • Or, mark the mistake by a red underline.

See the Spelling Rules Options and Mistake Corrections Options for more details.

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