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The Multiple Clipboards Options

The multiple clipboards options

This options group controls how Asutype handles the multiple clipboards.

Use multiple clipboards
If checked, Asutype will allow you to use multiple clipboards to copy and paste multiple blocks of text simultaneously, besides the default clipboard of Windows.

The Master hotkeys
Define the master hotkeys used to copy and paste multiple text items into and out of multiple clipboards

Flash after copying
If checked, Asutype will flash the screen after it copies a block of text into a clipboard, to give you visual feedback on the copy operation.

How To...

Copy a block of text into a particular clipboard

  1. Select the text.
  2. Press <CTRL+[+key> where key can be any key on the main area of your keyboard (i.e. any number, letter, punctuation or function key). For example, to copy text to clipboard A, press <CTRL+[+A>. To copy it to clipboard B, press <CTRL+[+B> and so on.

Note:  The content of each clipboard is saved and available the next time you run Asutype.

Paste the content from a particular clipboard

  1. Place the caret where you want to paste the text.
  2. Press <CTRL+]+key> where key is a placeholder for the clipboard key. For example, to paste text from clipboard A, press <CTRL+]+A>. To paste from clipboard B, press <CTRL+]+B> etc.

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