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The Text Shortcuts Options

The Text Shortcuts options

This options group controls how Asutype expands your text shortcuts.

Trigger characters
Characters in this box are trigger characters, which are used to start text expansion (i.e. replacing a text shortcut by its full text content). Asutype will expand your text shortcuts when you type a shortcut followed by a trigger character. You can add and/or remove trigger characters by editing the characters in this box.

  • Default trigger characters are all punctuation marks.

Use shortcuts for fast typing
If checked, Asutype will automatically replace any text shortcut by its full content.

Use gestures for quick actions
If checked, Asutype will detect and use mouse gestures to expand text shortcuts.

Show shortcut hints before expanding
If checked, Asutype will show the possible shortcut content in a yellow window at the top of your current working document as a hint.

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