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Automatic word and phrase expansion

Asutype lets you insert a commonly used phrase or boilerplate text to an edit box anywhere simply by typing a much shorter associated abbreviation (or text shortcut). For example:

  • Type "tyvm" to expand to "thank you very much" - type 4 keystrokes instead of 19, to save 79%!
  • Type "utcc" to get "under the current circumstances" - type 4 keystrokes instead of 31, to save 87%!

Because of the volume of keystrokes saved, your typing will be easier and faster. There are many text that you can shorten: your address, your signature, your commonly used phrases, often used difficult technical terms, or foreign names, to name a few.

Asutype comes with hundreds of most commonly used phrases already shortened, and you can add unlimited new phrases of your own, if you want to.

No shortcut memorization needed

One of the challenges in using word and phrase expansion is memorizing shortcuts. Thanks to Asutype's on-the-fly shortcut creation feature, you don't have to actively memorize them. If you follow a consistent rule of your choosing (i.e. initialism, or abcz) you can just type a shortcut that you feel is right.

  • If your shortcut is defined, Asutype will expand it instantly.
  • If your shortcut is not yet defined, Asutype will popup a suggestion window where you can press F3 to create it on the fly, quickly and easily as shown in the following animation.

Asutype allows you to define text 
               shortcuts on the fly

Repetitive typing elimination

Not only expanding words and phrases, Asutype also lets you create a text shortcut to expand a whole document that you may type repeatedly, such as an answer for a frequently asked question, a periodic e-mail that you send out to your friends or customers. You can quickly and conveniently insert a whole document simply by typing the shortcut you have assigned to it. Asutype totally eliminates the need to type the same text over and over again.

Versatile and flexible expansion template

Asutype's text expansion comes with some easy-to-use macros (or hot codes) that you can embed into your shortcuts to make them versatile and flexible. Your shortcut is flexible because you can use the same shortcut in different situations with expected and consistent results.

Asutype supports versatile and flexible 

For example, when Asutype expands the shortcut in the screen shot above, it will ask you to enter the name for the recipient and choose an option between "play in the park", "soccer match" and "meal on wheel", then automatically puts in the date of three days from now. Let's say that you enter "Michelle" for the name, choose "meal on wheel" for the event, and today is "Wednesday 5 June, 2013" then the final text will be expanded to:

Dear Michelle,
This is a friendly reminder that our next meal on wheel is this coming Sat 06/11/13.

Using flexible shortcuts like that not only reduces the number of shortcuts you have to create and maintain (and thus reduces the memorization need even more), it can also allow you to create templates that you can use to produce standardized documents quickly and easily.

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