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Correct errors automatically, type shorthand, type faster and automate everyday tasks

Learn, adapt and become smarter by use

We all type correct words the same way, but make typing mistakes by our own way.

Our muscle memory, keyboarding habits and typing style are unique, therefore the ways that we make certain mistakes are unique, too. For example, some people often swap letter "n" and "g" when typing words ending with "ing" like "operatign" instead of "operating", while others have tendency to mistype "o" by "p" such as typing "withput" instead of "without".

Asutype watches you making mistakes and learns your typing patterns. It works out how and how often your typing mistakes are made, such as how often do you:

  • Duplicate a letter?
  • Omit a duplicated letter?
  • Type extra letters?
  • Omit some letters?
  • Transpose letters?
  • Mistype a letter by its neighboring key?
  • Mistype a letter by any other key?
  • Tend to make mistakes at the beginning or towards the end of words?

By watching, learning and applying latest Natural Language Processing techniques, Asutype can work out your typing habits and have a better chance at either correcting your mistakes automatically or offering more suitable corrections.

Normally after a couple of weeks using Asutype, it will recognize most of your mistakes and automatically fix them as soon as you make them. As you use the software, it becomes smarter and grows to become your own typing assistant that can catch and correct most of your typing errors to give you accurate and fast typing.

Log and review mistakes

Asutype also logs out mistakes and lets you review them at any time using its Mistake Reviewer window.

Asutype logs mistakes out and lets you 
               review them at any time

By using the Mistake Reviewer, you can:

  • Have another convenient way to enrich your dictionaries, correction lists and train Asutype at the same time.
  • Learn about your own typing habits and mistake patterns, so you can improve your both typing and writing skills.

Asutype vs. traditional spelling checkers

This "learning-and-adapting" attribute of Asutype greatly differentiates it from traditional spell checkers, where no matter how long you use them, they don't know you.

You can use Asutype to ensure mistake-free writing in any applications which do not support spell check features such as NotePad, WordPad, many e-mail composers, web browsers or instant messenger applications, or in places a traditional spellchecker cannot be used; such as in dialog boxes, data entry fields, feedback forms or console windows.

You can use Asutype to replace your built-in spell checker that may be included in your particular application, because not only does Asutype provide a smarter, more convenient and automatic, on-the-fly correction that saves you time, but it also provides a single unique and consistent spell check engine that saves you effort and eliminates the redundancy in updating and maintaining several spell checkers used in different applications.

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