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The latest release version of Asutype is 5.0 (Build-210419-1314). You can check which version you are using by referring to the "About" dialog box. It is highly recommended that you backup all your data files (listed below) before upgrading to version 5.0:

  • *.spelling for all spelling dictionaries.
  • *.correction for all correction databases.
  • *.shortcut for all text shortcut lists.
  • *.exception, *.mistake and *.usage for all other useful files.

How to Upgrade Your Software

  1. E-mail us to Please include your name and Order ID or Purchase Number (the number you had from the confirmation e-mail when purchased the software such as "U123456" if you ordered through SWREG, or "1234567" if you ordered through Plimus).
  2. You'll receive an e-mail from us shortly (send to the very e-mail address you used when purchased Asutype) with a download link that you'll use to download the release version of Asutype.
  3. Backup your data files before installing the new upgrade version. See the note above to know which files to backup.
  4. Install the downloaded upgrade version.


NOTE: If you don't receive any e-mail from us, please:

  • Check the e-mail address you used to purchase Asutype. If the address is no longer in use, let us know about your new e-mail address in the message above.
  • Check your e-mail filter and let mails from support-at-asutype-dot-com going through.

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